Guangdong Jintian Animation Co., Ltd.
                        JINTAN LIMITED was established in 2011. It is a joint-stock company mainly engaged in animation and snack food business, integrating product research and development, design, marketing operations and sales. \\\"Le\\\" brand has been operating for many years. The company was listed on the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System (New Third Board) in August 2016. The stock abbreviation is JINTAN LIMITED Animation and the stock code is 838200.
                        Since its establishment, Guangdong JINTAN LIMITED Animation has been recognized by the industry and society with one step by one footprint, and has become a leading enterprise in the animation food industry.
                        The company is composed of the board of shareholders, the board of directors and the chairman. The board of directors has a board of supervisors; the chairman has 13 departments, including the general manager's office, product center, marketing center, cost center, brand operation center, creative design center, business logistics department, human resources department, finance department, enterprise business department, hospital line business department, Jintian industry business department and Jintian food business department
                        The company has established a long-term strategic partnership with five production bases, which can meet the company's business needs stably and efficiently. The factory covers an area of 100000 square meters, with advanced production equipment, professional production technology, high-quality management personnel and high-standard production control process. At the same time, the company arranges professional quality control personnel to stay in the factory for a long time, adding double insurance for product quality.
                        Private label

                        Tim Le Cartoon King

                        "Tianle cartoon king" is a self-made food and play evaluation column for 4-14-year-old children. Friends and small can learn delicious and fun food and play information together!
                        Private label Tianle Cartoon King Official QR Code
                        China includes pleasant goat and grey wolf, armor warrior, super wings, Ba la la little magic fairy, bear haunted and full time expert; overseas includes piggy page, Wang Wang Li Da Gong, Xiao Huang Ren, Altman, duo A dream, tea dog, magic beauty, duo Dora A dream, Beibei life diary, poli Polly deformation police car.
                        In recent years, in order to strengthen brand building, the company has established a professional media team and program production team. In the CCTV children's channel, Golden Eagle cartoon channel and other famous TV children's channel continuously high frequency advertising, piglet seaweed, otter eggs, Yi crisp fries three series of products, the cumulative advertising frequency of more than 50 thousand times. "Golden Eagle cartoon · flying paradise" named by "Tianle cartoon king" has been loved and sought after by children all over the country. The self-made programs "food and play is very interesting" and "Tianle cartoon king" have been continuously updated on Youku, iqiyi, Tencent and other video websites, with a total of over 100 million hits. It brings the advantages of wide coverage and fast spread to dealers all over the country. And through strengthening the construction of offline channels, online and offline linkage and better service can be realized.

                        International IP: Altman, piggy page, Xiao Huang, Wang Wang Li Da Gong, duo A dream, POLI Polly deformation police car, magic beauty, Beibei life diary, tea dog Domestic IP: Super wings, bear haunting, pleasant goat and grey wolf, armor warrior, Balala little devil fairy, full-time expert Own IP: Tianle Association

                        Super Flying Man, Bear Infested, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Armored Warrior, Bara La Moxie, Full Time Master, Tim Le Alumni

                        Tim Le Alumni Association

                        Guangdong Jintian Animation Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is a joint-stock company mainly engaged in animation and snack food business, integrating product research and development, design, marketing operations and sales. "Le" brand has been operating for many years. The company was listed on the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System (New Third Board) in August 2016. The stock abbreviation is Jintian Animation and the stock code is 838200.
                        There are more than 60 professional management and service teams in the headquarters of the marketing center, including sales management department, planning department and marketing department. There are 15 liaison offices in China, with a sales elite team of more than 300 people. The sales network has covered the whole country, focusing on the field of anime food for more than ten years in a row, so that we have a strong market acumen, and a strong resource integration ability, making JINTAN LIMITED anime a leading enterprise in the anime food industry.
                        It has a good cooperation relationship with tens of thousands of supermarkets and community stores, which can directly cover the accurate young consumers. It has stable and extensive sales channels in 32 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) in the domestic market, with 737 provincial and prefecture level dealers, 1275 county and city level dealers, including all counties with a population of more than 300000.
                        "Innovation and progress" is one of the values of JINTAN LIMITED animation. Innovative thinking, innovative products, innovative processes, innovation is everywhere and occurs at every moment, and supports the realization of the company's vision through innovative ways!
                        We are in major provincial capitals and important cities in China, and we have long-term recruitment of sales leaders. Welcome to search and deliver resumes on recruitment websites such as 51job. Thank you!
                        Beautiful office environment
                        In every festival, JINTAN LIMITED animation will give you blessings! Various forms of welfare: social insurance, housing fund, paid annual leave, physical examination, tourism, Festival welfare products, preferential tasting of company products, staff sympathy, birthday party, expansion activities, departmental activity funds, etc
                        We pay attention to the health of every employee, emphasize the office environment health, regular inspection, and organize physical examination and health lectures every year. After work, we often organize interesting activities to relieve the pressure, such as staff birthday party, festival activities, annual tourism, etc. at the same time, we attach importance to team building, stimulate the potential of staff, enhance team vitality, creativity and cohesion; "enjoy growth" is also one of the values of JINTAN LIMITED animation. The company helps staff through skills training, job training, public classes Enhance self competitiveness; carry out the whole process of performance appraisal, and promote the common growth of enterprises and employees through the PDCA cycle process of continuous planning, implementation, inspection and processing
                        In construction
                        In construction
                        In construction
                        Jin Tian Anime WeChat
                        Jintan WeChat

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